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Exam Reactor has established itself as one of the leading software brands in custom test composing due to its power, reliability and ease-of-use.

The key features of the program are:

1. A wide range of formatting opportunities

Exam Reactor supports the following character attributes:
  • font name, size, style, character set
  • text and text background colors
  • subscripts and superscripts
  • custom inter-character spacing
  • bi-directional text flow mode
  • customizable underlines, overlines, strike-out lines, so on.
Exam Reactor tests can include tables. Each table cell can contain formatted contents with multiple paragraphs, including images, and other tables. Tables can be nested to any depth.

2. Support of three main question forms

There is a lot of similiar programs available on the market today that only supports one form of question. This is a substantial drawback as such software does not offer any flexibility. But Exam Reactor supports three types of questions:
  • multiple-choice questions with a single right answer
  • multiple-choice questions with several right answers
  • text questions, which require entering the right answer.

3. Easy object import from Microsoft Office programs

Save your time with Exam Reactor! You can easily format the text or import tables and images from Microsoft Office programs to illustrate your questions.

4. Optional password protection

If you want to secure the test files, you can protect it with a password, so that no unauthorized access or editing will be allowed.

6. Interface

The interface of Exam Reactor test editor is very easy-to-use, due to a simple interface, wizards and compatibility with text editors.

The interface of Exam Reactor launcher is simple and modern, so that even a kid can understand it without any problems.

Do you still require an alternative feature or specific function? Please send us a message and we will be glad to help you!

Download Exam Reactor