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May 17, 2009
Exam Reactor 1.1 has been released.

A wide range of formatting opportunities
Support of three main question forms
Easy object import from Microsoft Office programs
Modern interface
Optional password protection

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Exam Reactor: your investment in people development

Would you like to make sure, that your kids take in what they are taught at school? Or perhaps you are a student and feel like checking your knowledge before an important exam, or a personnel manager who needs to check if job applicants are properly qualified.

Then Exam Reactor is the right solution for you, as it is intended for creating and launching various types of knowledge tests, so that you can compose a custom test for any purpose, be that testing a kidís knowledge or a pre-test before an exam. Exam Reactor will help you objectively evaluate the level of knowledge.

Exam Reactor consists of two main modules: Test editor and Test launcher. Every test corresponds to a single file and consists of an optional number of questions. The program supports three types of questions: multiple-choice questions with a single right answer, multiple-choice questions with several right answers and text questions, which require entering the right answer.

The list of questions

Question editor

Test editor offers you a wide range of optional opportunities for formatting questions and answer variants. You can easily format the text or import tables and images from Microsoft Office programs to illustrate your questions. If you want to secure the test files, you can protect it with a password, so that no unauthorized access or editing will be allowed. The interface of Test launcher is simple and modern, so that even a kid can understand it without any problems.

Exam Reactor launcher main window

Everybody knows that the best way to invest money sensibly is to invest in education. And the right way to make your business prosper is to hire competent staff. In any case, Exam Reactor will provide you with objective and reliable knowledge evaluation.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need technical support.